Breast Lift Or Breast Augmentation For Older Women

Recent research has shown that about 70% of women are dissatisfied with their breasts, regardless of age. The actual percentage varies from 67% to 74%, but in general remained relatively constant. What has changed, the woman had specific complaints about their breasts. While young women were more likely to complain of her breasts were too small, older women are more likely to complain of her breasts were too remarkable.

It is therefore not surprising that breast enlargement surgery is very popular among women of all ages. It is not surprising that young women breast augmentation rather that the breast can be increased, while older women tend to be a breast lift, the objectives of sagging breasts are.

A distinction is clearly made age

But in reality, there is a clear distinction between the time women have a breast augmentation and breast lift, as they happen. About 63% of breast augmentation is performed on women 30-54, with 70% of the sinuses. For most age could be a woman seeking a breast lift can also look for bigger breasts, and she must make a decision on the procedure to make the best for your needs.

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Number of strokes

Although the proportion of breast augmentation and breast lift nearly equal in these age groups, the numbers are very different. The women in this age group has about 194 000 received in and only about 65,000 breast lift, although the majority of women in this age group who are dissatisfied with their breasts hanging complain until a report of 2 1 How to explain this difference of 3-1 for a breast augmentation?

Approach Benefits

Breast augmentation has several advantages, namely, that women are given with large breasts, which is slightly less scarring, and may lead to some women's breasts. Be replaced by contrast, has a low complication breast lift, ensures correct sagging breasts, and not have to be removed from the implants, or at least once in their lives these women.

Procedure disadvantages

The main disadvantages of breast enlargement through the complication significantly higher (up to 40% depending on the informed consent document with respect to less than 10% for breast lift), and the breast implants should be removed or replaced within 11 to 15 years. For a woman 30 years old, this can easily result in four steps to get their look. On the other hand, the scars of the breast lift is often important in the visible part of the chest, called the area of ​​the scar around the nipple and the crease of the breast.


Based on these facts, there are several possible reasons why women choose breast augmentation breast lift:

Small breasts are the most stigmatized of sagging breasts, sagging breasts are easily hidden under clothing visible scars visible on one possible disadvantage of plastic surgeons promote increased risk for breast cancer, breast lift

At the moment there are enough studies to suggest that these explanations best accounts for the election of women to breast augmentation breast lift.

But studies show that no matter where they process the women with the results of the procedure are satisfied choose. A study by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 99 of a hundred women have their breast surgery. Complications, scarring, and cost aside, the majority of women considering breast surgery a positive experience.

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